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Al-Wahdawi Net is a Yemeni news website focusing on local and external issues. It was founded by the Nasserist Unionist People's Party in Yemen. It is one of the oldest electronic news websites in
Yemen. It first began publishing in 2004. The Nasserist Unionist People's Party was established in Yemen on December 25, 1965. The Party has exerted great efforts and contributions in the history of the national movement in the country, and it is currently one of the most prominent actors in the Yemeni political system. The Nasserite Party runs Al-Wahdawi website and Al-Wahdawi newspaper which was issued in the form of a magazine outside Yemen on June 13, 1981, when the political circumstances were unstable. When Yemen's unity was established, Al-Wahdawi newspaper started publishing weekly on September 27, 1990. However, the newspaper stopped publication in November 2015 after the .Houthi-controlled Ministry of Information in Sana'a confiscated its last issue and directed all printing presses to stop printing Al-Wahdawi newspaper.

The Nasserite Party denies rumors that the Minister of Local Administration traveled to Saudi Arabia to be sworn in and rejects the exercise of sovereignty from outside Yemen Al-Wahdawi Net An official source in the Nasserite Popular Unionist Party dismissed rumors and lies which claimed that Yemen’s President rejected to receive Hussein Abdulrahman Al-Aghbari to be sworn in as the Minister of Local Administration and the National Dialogue Conference Outcomes. The source said that such rumors and lies are circulated by media sites employed to serve the powerful elites. The source told Al-Wahdawi Net that this news is unfounded, stressing that Hussein Abdulrahman Al-Aghbari, the Nasserite Party’s candidate, has not travelled to Saudi Arabia and has not requested an entry visa since his appointment as a minister in the government. The source also stated that Al-Aghbari had not contacted the presidential office or other official authorities in order to get a visa or take the constitutional oath. The source pointed out that the aim of promoting these rumors and lies by these websites is to cover up the monopoly of power and hijack the legitimacy for the benefit of the forces from which these websites can benefit. The source concluded his statement, saying that the Party adheres to its firm position that national dignity is the exercise of sovereignty inside the country and being able to be present in any area nationwide.