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Statement issued by Nidaa Al-Salam Group Regarding the Crime Committed in the City of Rad`a.

  • 2 months ago - Friday 22 March 2024
Statement issued by Nidaa Al-Salam Group Regarding the Crime Committed in the City of Rad`a.

 Nidaa Al-Salam Group is deeply saddened by the heinous crime committed in the city of Rad`a, which claimed the lives of several innocent citizens, including elders, women, and children, with both fatalities and injuries resulting from the booby-trapping and subsequent explosion of a citizen's residence by security elements affiliated with the Ministry of Interior in the government of Sanaa. This incident also caused damage to a number of neighboring homes and resulted in casualties among their peaceful inhabitants, as confirmed by the statement issued by the ministry yesterday.

 Nidaa Al-Salam Group strongly condemns this criminal act as it deviates from the values of our Arab Yemeni Muslim society and contradicts the professional and legal conduct of security personnel. It also violates the clear prohibitions stated in the Quran ("And no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another." Fatir, 18) and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ("The blood, wealth, and honor of every Muslim are sacred"). Furthermore, it directly contradicts the provisions of the constitution, law, human rights conventions, and the traditions and customs of Yemeni society.

While condemning this criminal act, Nidaa Al-Salam Group calls on the authorities in Sanaa to put an end to such disgraceful practices and issue clear directives prohibiting the detonation of citizens' residences anywhere, regardless of the reasons, in order to safeguard the lives, dignity, properties, and human rights of Yemenis. It urges them to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice to receive the punishment they deserve.

We pray to Allah to have mercy on the martyrs, grant them Paradise, and grant patience and solace to their families and loved ones. We also pray for the swift recovery of the wounded and for justice to prevail. Indeed, He is All-Powerful over everything.

Nidaa Al-Salam Group

Sanaa, March 20, 2024